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Nude hot poses

As a professional photographer, I'm disappointed with the state of the selfiethe "sexy selfie" in particular. With the sheer amount of "leaked" photos on the Internetit's infuriating that we're raising the next generation to believe that terribly composed, naked iPhone photos nina mercedes naked sexy. For goodness sake, the nude photo used to be an art form, but lately it seems we seem to have forgotten how truly sexy the human body can be in all its subtlety.

Poses pics!

Lest I sound shame-y, I, too, have been guilty of the full face, full-on boob shot. And guess what? But after becoming more involved in boudoir and portrait photographyI discovered that poses are nude more exciting ways to increase the mystery of a nude picture without simply flashing your boobs — and guess what? They're super-easy. Follow these tips using the best nude poses illustrated with a little help from our pal, naked Barbie and your sexy selfies won't just hot out, they'll practically moan with excitement.

If your phone or your lover's phone ever goes missing, you'll want as little damning evidence on there as possible.

15 sexy photos (not nudes!) to send your man to turn him on

Nude you send naked photos with both your poses and nipples in plain view, you could very well end up in a a Google search, hot gross meme, terribly embarrassed, or all of the above. Same goes for identifying jewelry or tattoos. Proceed with caution.