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This was spectacular! Well done!

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Wish this was canon! As soon as i saw sheriff i knew it was patty mayo They should sing that one song from my childhood You know, nude black dude wearing shades His voice sounds similar to him. This was like an episode of Maury with children popping up every other minute Everybody gangsta, till the peashooters start rolling up sluty mexican toes the garden This is the most positive comment section of any channel You're doing something right Jeff!.

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Lmaoslay gurllll Cum on my face mouth. Wait that means she can say the n word oof Maybe the kyber crystal in kylo's helmet is Vader's which will make him more powerful.

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Can you shout hottyspot Canada or do a video about it. It was none of the choices He said "I want sprite, dad! And a bean burrito!

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Literally bar ganna sun rha hu rojGreat job bhai: