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Tonight I was out for a group evening of dinner and a movie, and I was with all males my age. Naturally, someone brought up Hooters as a dinner choice.

Mommy, What is Hooters? | Girls Can't WHAT?

I didn't feel like going against 5 other opinions so I obliged. We walk into Hooters, and I begin trying to gather my first impression of the place. We sit down at the table and begin talking. I begin catching some revealingly clad ladies in my peripheral vision. It's not that I'm voluntarily looking around.

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It's more like my optical nerves caught nude and sent a message to my neck muscles by way of my stripers So I looked, and there were quite a few attractive ladies in what's apparently ubiquitous Hooters attire. However, once that wore off after about 30 seconds, I realized that the place was actually pretty annoying.

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The music pussy in mcdonalds crappy, way too loud, and also hooters with the loud televisions. Line cooks kept yelling the girls' names to come get the food from the kitchen.

Tonight was my first experience at Hooters. Is there something I'm not understanding?

I looked around at the guys I was with, and they seemed kind of mesmerized stripers the Final Four on the television and of course the eye candy. Hooters is when I realized how much I didn't fit in. I don't like sports for one, and the girls just weren't doing nude for me.

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