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Nudes indian female

During our recent vacations in Europe in the last 3 - 4 years, we observed many Indian women female in public beaches. Last nudes on our holiday to Thailandin Pattaya we saw Indian ladies topless nudes private hotels. I want to know if the trend is only for foreign locations or has anyone seen Indian ladies topless in beaches in Goa or in hotels swimming pool.

Depictions of nudity

I have been to Goa many times but the last I visited Goa was about 8 years back. Indian usual we saw many European ladies topless but never saw a single Indian lady. Female wife did wear bikinis only in the hotel, not on the beach but still got ogled by some guests which made her uncomfortable. I mean, we all love to see a sexy woman we r all men and do so from the corner of our eyes which is perfectly normal but being ogled and even passing some sexist remarks is very offensive.

Now, my wife has been topless at European beaches many times and even in Koh Samui and we indian not bothered at all.

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We are visiting Goa shortly and will be staying in a five star resort. My wife has agreed to go topless if she sees some nude french beauty Indian women topless at the resort.