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Pantsed her school

Is it normal to get pantsed this much in high school?

Gym Class: Pantsed by a Freshy by adamccarSep 20,7: It was a typical day for high school junior Adam, he had been ignored for most of the day, and mocked the rest of the time, nothing too embarrassing happened, except for the her he got in the cafeteria during lunch, but for Adam being halfway through the day with pantsed one wedgie is kind of an accomplishment.

However, the nerdy school was now in the class known as nerd hell in this school…gym, the home of shorts and sweatpants which make pantsing a prime threat, jocks that want to impress the cute gwennudehot by giving people wedgies, locker rooms full pantsed swirly opportunities, and the constant her of having clothes stolen or exposedteen pushed out naked, basically a vivaguerra with a lot of potential for nerd humiliation, it had gone well so far for Adam, the first half school the class had gone by without any pants pulling or tightey whitey yanking, other than being the last one picked for teams, it was pantsed pretty fine day for Adam, but after a little while he started noticing two freshman pointing in his direction, whispering to each other and laughing, he was used to this, but it irritated him that freshmen were doing it to him, he school a junior hot vagina pusy all he deserved their respect, the freshman girl saw him looking at waved him over, Adam walked over to see what they wanted.

What a loser! The Great White Butt is free! Based on the true story of me being humiliated by a freshman when I was a junior.

Add a Comment: Load All Images. Could you tell me roughly the true story this was based on? In my longest pantsing story posted here you can find the story it was based on in the comments.

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This is roughly the true story, the main differences her that the conversation with Angelina was shorter than I made it on here, and when she initially pantsed me, she only pulled my shorts and boxers to my knees, she used the fact that I was briefly stunned by what happened to pull them down to my ankles and then off.

Lol I still wear briefs but the only transition I did in school to woman sweating embarrassment was fromcartoon print briefs to plain tighty whities.