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Pete wendts nude

Pete Wentz offers naked photo advice

When it comes to embarrassing nude photographs being leaked to the Internet, Pete Wentz is somewhat of an unwitting expert. As you're probably aware, back insomeone hacked into his Sidekick nude sex picture posted photos of his, uh, manhood onto nude message board, making his privates a pete public matter.

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For about 48 hours, Wentz freaked out. He felt angry, embarrassed and — most of all — violated.


He hemmed and hawed, nearly quit his wendts, but then, he decided he had to move on. He decided the best thing to do was just laugh the entire situation off.

Pete Wentz's Nude Photo Lament: Manscaping

And, over time, people stopped asking him about the whole incident. But now, a whole new generation of celebs is dealing with same thing. So when Wentz stopped by MTV News on Tuesday August 11we asked him if he had any advice for the actresses on how to deal with the whole situation.

Turns out, he had a whole lot.