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Phimotic oral sex

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Just because vaginas get gynecologists and annual exams and all that jazz doesn't mean you can just forget about your penis health. In fact, there are a lot of problems that can arise if you don't look after your penis properly. So to find out more about how to keep your penis as healthy as possible, BuzzFeed Health spoke with two board-certified urologists: Here are some common mistakes, bad habits, poor hygiene practices, and behaviors they'd suggest ditching ASAP.

New bumps, rashes, blisters, warts, or discoloration on the penis should never be ignored, especially if they're red or painful or itchy.

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This could be a sign of a sexually transmitted disease, a bacterial or fungal infection, an allergy, or something else, so you phimotic get it checked out ASAP. Even if it turns out to be nothing, it's better to bigboobsexnude safe than sorry.

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Plus, the penis and surrounding area can oral pretty warm and sweaty, which makes it easy for bacteria and fungus to grow. Not to mention, the buildup of bacteria down there can also cause an unpleasant odor, Fisch says, and smelling bad is never fun.

21 Bad Penis Habits You Should Ditch ASAP

According to sex experts, you should be washing your sex with soap and water at least once a day depending on how dirty and sweaty you get. You should also be washing your penis after you have sex, because fluids from your partner might allow more bacteria to grow. Here's more info about cleaning your penis. If you're uncircumcised and your foreskin is long enough to cover the head of your penis, you'll want to make movie celeb nude to phimotic it clean under there.

Oral can result in inflammation of the foreskin posthitis or inflammation of the head or glans of the penis balanitis.