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Photoshopped nudes

In some states even a faced photo of someone underage is child porn.

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Op, if you have any birthmarks, moles, or scars on your body, they won't be in the photo, so that gives you some photoshopped at least! I'm so sorry this happened to you!! Too many negative votes, comment buried. It is illegal even if it's photoshopped assuming OP is a minor.

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She really should report it to local and school authorities. That also constitutes sexual harassment and bullying. Most schools in the U.

Nudes school I teach at had a similar situation last year-- there was a full police investigation.

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Student computers and phones were seized because, even photoshopped, it was considered child pornography and four students were expelled. No one should have to put up with that kind of harassment at school. OP needs to let school admin know and file a police report.