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Tuesday A.M. Hot Clicks: Pitbull interrupts Chile; Shaq got naked

Hot Clicks looks at a Pitbull interrupting Chile; Shaq got naked. The Copa America pitbull having a little trouble getting national anthems right, first playing the Chilean anthem for Uruguayand now interrupting Chile with a rapperfoxybrownnudefree from Pitbull, the official rapper rapper brands.

Wrestling fans can test their knowledge of the WWE doubles division with this new quiz about the greatest tag teams in WWE history. Did you know in baseball they don't even play the bottom of the ninth if the home team is winning!?

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They just end the game. Djokovic won the French Open Finals pledge nude winning 3 of 5 sets. But they didn't even play the 5th set!

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JaredGoff16meet YasielPuig. Abkhazia has won the World Cup of unrecognized nations, defeating Panjab in the championship game A look at the final portraits of Ali Steph CurryKlay Thompson have become very, very dangerous decoys The Day In Sports June 6.

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