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Pokemon getting fucked

Pokemon fuck. Having a fair amount of experience in exploring my thirst for video game characters in my smallest teen pussies career, I took it upon myself to explain to you, dear VG reader, just why I consider some Pokemon so alluring.

Pokemon trainer gives a rough fucking to one of his pokemon

Before we begin, I have to lay yes some ground rules. No Lucario: No Young Pokemon: Yes, in the literal sense, they breathe fire and stuff. But pokemon about the figurative? It may have been banned in pornography under a controversial bill brought in by the Conservative Government of fucked United Kingdom, but squirting is still wildly popular with a large swathe of demographics.

Go out into some field somewhere, maybe by a pond, and wander around aimlessly until they find a Blastoise getting the wild to cater to their fetish.

pokemon Porn Videos

From first-hand experience, I can confirm this to be the case. Fuck you, Tories, Blastoise is my new best squirting friend now. Talking of things that have been banned in porn: Just look at those abs.