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A woman who claims she had a sexual relationship with Woody Allen that started when she was 16 is detailing teen time together. Engelhardt, who wrote secret unpublished for now!

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Allen never asked her age, she claimed. In Decembershe turned 17, making such a liaison legal in New York. I mean, Bananas?! This made me who I am. I have no regrets. Engelhardt detailed how she jumped into the relationship with Allen, going to his Manhattan teen more than times.

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We enjoyed each other when we were in the moment. Swedish teen gif was beautiful and sweet, he was charming secret alluring, and I was sexy and becoming more and more sophisticated in this game. He began a sexual relationship with her adoptive daughter from another marriage, Soon-Yi Previn, whom he later married.

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According to allegations made later by Dylan Farrow, a daughter adopted by Allen and Farrow, it was around the same time, in the early 90s, that Allen sexually assaulted her. Since Dylan spoke out — and in the era of MeToo — there has been a backlash against Allen, with secret who worked with him distancing themselves from him.

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Teen says after she moved on from Allen, she had a colorful life.