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GARY, Ind. Christopher M.

Infant Sexuality

Bour pleaded guilty to buying a child for sex, possessing child infant and three counts of producing child pornography. Hillard, whom Bour met in through a dating service, also pleaded guilty in the case and is awaiting sentencing. Hillard has admitted to being in the room with Bour and the sex on all but the last meeting, when he paid her extra to be alone with the baby.

Lozano noted that Bour made several contradictory statements, including that he had cooperated with police from the beginning.

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However, he told police when they first searched his house that he only possessed child pornography but had never sexually touched a child. A week later, though, police discovered images on his computer showing him having sex with the infant, the judge said.

Lozano said Bour showed no remorse for his crime and bragged about having sex with babies in text conversations with an acquaintance. Bour did apologize during the hearing, although not to anyone specifically, and asked for mercy from Lozano. He told phonesex with cam judge that he developed an addiction to pornography about three years ago, and it caused him to lose control of his life, which Bour said had been good up until then.

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Bour claimed infant his arrest and past year in jail have cured him of his addiction and that he would not return to child pornography. Assistant U. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or sex.