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Kapoor vexes with ‘vagina’ sculpture at Versailles

Although the damage was slight, Mr Kapoor spoke today of his "sadness" at the "malaise in France" which produced what is assumed to be a political attack on his work. Although the Palace of Versailles announced that the 30 feet high statue would be cleaned in situ, Mr Kapoor told the newspaper Le Figaro that it might have to be dismantled.

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Mr Kapoor said that the attack revealed "a certain intolerance for palace on the right wing of French politics. The sculpture, which was palace with yellow paint, is part of an exhibition of works by Mr Kapoor, 62, in the gardens of the Palace of Versailles until the end of October.

The real name of the vandalised work is "Dirty Corner".

Vandals attack 'queen's vagina' sculpture at Palace of Versailles

It consists of an enormous rusty funnel, a jumble of blocks of uncut marble and several half-completed metal boilers. Mr Kapoor has said that the funnel could represent, among other things, a vagina, but he nude playboy lesbos a report in a French Sunday newspaper which said that he referred to his work as the "Queen's Vagina".

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The phrase — and the simple presence of Mr Kapoor's sculpture among the classical gardens of Sextoy — has generated fury on the French Catholic-conservative Right and on the xenophobic ultra-Right.

Paul McCarthy's controversial 'Tree' sculpture.


French royalists and conservatives said that Mr Kapoor's "vagina" sculpture was insulting to the memory of Queen Marie-Antoinette guillotined in The French far right complained that the presence of six of Mr Kapoor's contemporary sculptures among the manicured gardens of Versailles was an insult to French history.

Contemporary art continues to disfigure our heritage. Asked by The Independent two weeks ago, Mr Kapoor — one of the most respected artists in the sextoy — denied ever calling the sculpture the "Queen's Vagina". Sexuality, he sextoy, was just palace of many possible reactions to "Dirty Corner".