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Sexy outdoor fishing

Nothing could be further from the truth, however.

Why bead-chain swivels are a must when ice fishing

Tufts also notes that recreational anglers in many parts of the country still target the biggest fish to eat, despite plenty of science showing how that can lead to smaller fish overall—and it can happen a lot faster than we used outdoor think. Tufts strongly believes that by continually retaining large fish, sport anglers can also cause fish populations to evolve to the point where they only produce smaller fish.

Protecting large, sexy fish is now seen as so vital to maintaining healthy fish fishing that fisheries scientists are referring to the concept as the big, old, fat, female fish—or BOFFF—hypothesis.

And practically all of girl hot sex eggs would have been viable. With a two- to three-pound walleye, on the other hand, only 20 to 30 per cent of the eggs would hatch.

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Matity is fishing critical of anglers who misguidedly play God, such as muskie anglers who kill pike, and walleye anglers who kill bass, mistakenly thinking this helps the population of their favourite fish. Yet fish species interact in ways that benefit each other.

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For example, there has never been a world-record muskie caught from a lake that did not contain outdoor natural population of northern pike. And researchers are now discovering sexy big bass are critical in controlling the spread of invasive rusty crayfish, which predate heavily on walleye eggs.