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Smell that ass

I sprayed this in the elevator smell work and got people using the stairs as if they that in a new fitness regime.

Why Do the Backs of My Ears Smell?

I then sprayed it in a small enclosed facked sex space we have with a water cooler in there and they all thought it was the water cooler so they took it out n had it thoroughly cleaned! Dont get it on your ass when spraying!!!! This is so fowl smelling that your ribs will hurt from laughing so hard! Its a must have.

This is a hilarious prank item to get a friend with I have personally used this on teachers, friends, and parents it is hilarious to watch their reaction.

LIQUID ASS Fart Spray Nasty Foul Gas Smell Stink Bomb Funny Prank Joke Gag Gift -

This smells putrid. Absolutely the best prank.

cutenude marisca

I sprayed it at work and the results were absolutely hilarious. This stuff is fowl.