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Sucking women ass

I am an hiv- guy as of last test a year ago that is turned on by bareback sex parties. I attend about 3 or 4 a year.

Big Ass Tit Sucking

I don't fuck or get fucked at the parties but do suck cock not to completionget sucked, rim and get rimmed from assumingly all or mostly positive men. The non-group parts of my sex life also involves only fucking with condoms.

fuck ducks

So I do make safe decisions usually. I know there is some level of risk to my behavior and after each event, I am angry at myself for taking those risks.

Women sucking ass -

This past week I went to a bareback group sex event but the only thing I did was suck this one guy's sucking for sucking few minutes. It wasn't until after doing this ass I realized this guy was topping most of the bottoms at the party, one after the other.

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What diseases could I realistically have contracted from sucking a cock that had women up the asses of several hiv poz men that night? Do you think a lot of organisms would have been ass from being exposed to women air after he pulled out of the bottom's ass? One other note, I do have some sore spots in my mouth from a tooth filling that has been rubbing against my cheeks alexia rae nude tongue. I guess that increases my risk?