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Swedberg vagina

Metronidazole is vagina an effective treatment for bacterial vaginosis.

Vaginal Infections

Only oral swedberg were available untilbut an intravaginal gel preparation recently became commercially available in South Korea. In this report, the efficacy and safety of metronidazole intravaginal gel application was compared to that of the conventional oral metronidazole preparation.

Patients who were treated with either intravaginal metronidazole or oral metronidazole after diagnosis of bacterial vaginosis were included in this study.

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Patient characteristics, mode of treatment, recurrence rate, and complications including gastro-intestinal discomfort and concomitant vulvovaginal candidiasis were analyzed. There were no differences in patient characteristics, except the mean age was older in the intravaginal group.

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Treatment outcomes were similar in both groups. In the oral cambodian mother son group, 6. Significantly more patients on oral metronidazole treatment complained about gastro-intestinal discomfort including nausea Patients who took intravaginal metronidazole complained about increased watery vaginal discharge