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Teen gland

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Ever dozed through chemistry class and wondered what chemistry had to do with you? A lot! Your body produces its own chemicals and uses them to kindgirls peach certain functions, and the main system that coordinates these chemicals is called the endocrine system.

Pituitary Gland

Gland we rarely think about the endocrine teen, it influences almost every cell, organ, and function of our bodies. The endocrine system plays a role in regulating mood, growth and development, tissue function, metabolism, and sexual function and reproductive processes.

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In teen, the endocrine system is in charge of body processes that happen slowly, such as cell growth. Faster processes like breathing gland body movement are controlled by the nervous system.

But even though the nervous system and endocrine system are separate systems, they often work together to help the body function properly. The foundations of the endocrine system are the hormones and glands. Many different hormones move through the bloodstream, but each type of hormone is designed to affect only certain cells.

A gland is a group of cells that produces and secretes, or gives off, chemicals.

Endocrine System

A gland selects and removes materials from the blood, processes them, and secretes the finished chemical product for use somewhere in the body. Some types of glands release their secretions in specific areas. For instance, exocrine pronounced: EK-suh-krin glandssuch as the sweat and salivary glands, release secretions in the skin or inside the mouth.

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