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The issues I discussed in my TEDMED talk "Why Do Our Brains Get Addicted" —the changes in the brain video to obesity and drug addiction—are teen pertinent to the struggles teens face to resist drugs, because adolescence is a crucial period both of susceptibility to the rewards of drugs and of vulnerability to the long-term effects of drug exposure.

Teen Temptation

Adolescence is a time of temptation brain development—particularly the maturation of prefrontal cortical regions involved in self-control and the neural circuits linking these areas to the reward regions. The prefrontal cortex, where we make decisions and comparative judgments about the value of different courses of action, is crucial for regulating our behavior in the face of potential rewards like drugs and food.

Adolescents are prone to risky behaviors and impulsive actions that provide instant video body painted fuck of eventual rewards.

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In part, this is because their prefrontal cortex is still a work in progress. The incomplete maturation of the prefrontal cortex is a major factor in why young people are so susceptible to abusing drugs, including alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and teen drugs. There are numerous pressures in their lives to try these substances stress and peers, for examplebut temptation cognitive resources to help them resist.

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Thus, when drug abuse begins at a young age, it can become a particularly vicious cycle. Research shows that the earlier a teen first uses drugs, the likelier he or she is to become addicted to them or to become addicted to another substance later in life. People often have a harder time extending that same forgiveness to adults who suffer from addictions or obesity, because we think they should be better able to control their impulses.