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The cone sex

Ian J. Murray, Neil R. Parry, Declan J.

McKeefry, Athanasios Panorgias; Sex-related differences in peripheral human color vision: A color matching study. Journal of Cone ;12 1: There has been much controversy as to whether there are sex-related differences in human color vision.

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While previous work has concentrated on testing the central visual field, pakistan sex vidoes study compares male versus female color vision in the near peripheral retina. Both groups demonstrated measurable shifts in the the of the peripheral color stimuli similar to those that have been previously reported. Sex significant differences were found in other regions of color space.

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This difference in the perceived saturation of color stimuli was minimally affected either by the inclusion or exclusion in the analysis of potential heterozygous female carriers of deutan color vision deficiencies.

We speculate that this advantage of female over male color vision is conferred by M-cone polymorphism.

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