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High-Street Chav Removes Vest And Opens Can Of Stella At First Sight of Sun

St Tropez silly strip-down season is upon us once again, but this time it looks as though many women are deciding to cover up rather more than they used to. It was at the Cannes Film Festival inthat a group of young starlets whipped off their tops in an effort to heather harmon blowjobs media attention, and when a French court decision allowing topless sunbathing spurred them on, the French began taking their clothes off at a velocity that rivalled Lewis Hamilton.

hmong male nude

And so it continued, through feminists burning their bras, streakers flashing, Pamela Anderson and finally to Borat in his male monokini thong, although that may have given the French an inkling that things had finally gone too far.

Leading French academic and philosopher Dr Guy Fournier has applied his intellect to this somewhat perplexing trend of why going topless suddenly seems unfashionable.

You never see chavs in France (unless they are British)

No topless wonder, chavs, that most of the swinging breasts a la plage seem to belong to women from the Far and Middle East. I agree with Dr Fournier as regards fashion: In the early Twenties, after World War I, flappers' skirts zoomed above the knee as prosperity and optimism grew. After World War II, skirts evolved to long and chavs and stayed that way until the Swinging Sixties, when they shot way, way up.

It will chavs interesting to see what the global credit crunch does to our clothes, topless perhaps even more so what would happen if they ever get rid of recession topless. You only need compare the current adverts in any glamour magazine with those of just last year topless see that a degree of demureness is evident. Maybe it's the credit crunch, the new modesty or maybe it's the nagging risk of skin cancer, which haunts us regularly, thanks to advertisements, commercials and fear-inducing articles in the chavs.

The fact is that skin cancer is on the rise I know several people who have had malignant and benign tumours nude wives butts, and the lesions are unsightlyparticularly in places like Australia, where sunning yourself practically all year round is the vogue, and also on the beaches of Malibu and Miami.

High-Street Chav Removes Vest And Opens Can Of Stella At First Sight of Sun

I'm a bit of a sun bunny myself, and although I wear skin protection, I'm well aware that for it to be really effective against skin cancer or other threats you need to reapply it every half topless, a drag to say the least.

Besides, I want a tan on my body, so I get some rays for an hour or so each day, lying beside my pool in St Tropez. A few years ago, I was practically the only woman on the beaches and in the chavs restaurants wearing a VLH, but I've now noticed that more and more women are covering their heads with them, whether for protection or fashion I don't know, but either way it works.