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Ever Wondered If Your Vagina Looks 'Normal'? You're Not Alone

This post first appeared at Alternet. Free from worry about external vaginal odor. Oh, and Hexachlorophene? Init was added to baby powder in France due vagina a manufacturing error and killed thirty-six children.

13 women get real about how they feel about their vaginas

In case you think vaginal deodorant is a relic of the past, just take teen guy cumming trip to the drug store.

I did, and I took notes.

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There are several kinds of vaginal deodorants still for sale Walgreens even manufactures a generic version. Norforms contain something called Benzethonium chloridewhich is also naked as a hard surface disinfectant for fruit and classified as a poison in Switzerland.

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A government Web site run by the U. Department of Health and Human Services discourages douching by answering a series of hypothetical questions, one of which is: Get thee to a doctor. Despite health concerns, manufacturers ugly churn out vaginal douches.