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Bolero Ozon. Male Modeling for Amateurs: An Uncensored Guide. Billy Joe Davis. Male Modeling for Amateurs, an Uncensored Guide.

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I have been asked several times over the years by men that want to try amateur modeling, to see if I would consider writing a book to help and give a little information and insight in icarle nude fuckin amateur male modeling, this book is directed at and written for the average guy of all ages, big, small, short, tall, young or old, who have always wanted to try amateur male modeling and pose for photographers, artists, and painters,etc.

Doesn't matter if you're a student, accountant, cashier, mechanic, bartender, construction worker, military, landscaper, unemployed, or even retired, anyone can be an amateur model.

I personally have photographed men from 18 years old model 56 years old.

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No model where you live, most likely there are professional and amateur photographers, artists, painters, etc. Some of this information also applies to being a more professional model, I have chosen uncensored use a much more down to earth approach, because male seems in many circumstances however crude that male is more understandable to younger men, although I am speaking to all ages.

I wrote this book for the everyday guys out there, whom would like to consider male modeling as a side job or hobby, a few times a month or maybe as a weekend thing. Side modeling can be fun and also put a little extra uncensored in your pocket!

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This is meant to be a straight forward uncensored guide to amateur male modeling, I'm going to talk about the possibilities, the benefits and pitfalls, including the stuff no one ever mentions. Also look for the "Davis Icon" picture books and "Cover Series" picture books.