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Count Erotica - Vampire Usually an incomplete film is frustrating for vampire reasons closure is bestbut given its uninteresting content and slapdash treatment I was relieved when this baby suddenly ended.

The video attention here was paid to the credits, appearing in attractive calligraphy stamped on gravestones. It's literally downhill from there. IMDb comically has "Sex with a retarded person" displayed as a keyword I shudder to think who's searching for films with that characteristicbut it turns out to be referring to sex with Keith Erickson, hamming it up maniacally as the usual idiotic assistant.

He's not Dwight Frye, and he's basically just giggling and acting silly when not humping. The Count's vampire bride Angelique is a striking presence in the form of Carmen Erotica.

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Once you get past her protruding ribcage anorexia is nothing newshe's impressive in one pichunter cum her more prominent roles.