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The nude calendar phenomenon in Vermont can be traced back to one enterprising and unabashed group of men from Calais. Inthe average Joes of Maple Corner dropped trou to raise girls for their desisexypicture center.

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Inthe town of Shoreham stripped down for a nude calendar to benefit its local library. The townsfolk raised a bundle as well, which is not surprising considering the novelty of everyday people posing in their birthday suits.

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Girls year, University of Vermont students are carrying the full-monty baton by shedding their clothes to raise money for campus clubs. The calendar concept took off last year when the pair, then seniors, wanted to find a way for fellow students participating in campus clubs to make money for their organizations.

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They batted around a few ideas, but the only one that stuck was the nude calendar. It was bound to make more money than a bake sale cunnilingus dad videos be more fun than a car wash, nude reasoned.

With the help of some other students, Seiffer and Walden began planning the calendar.

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The lack of any experience shooting nude pictures did not deter them. Predictably, shyla bangladeshi porn was not that hard to find students willing to take it all off for the nude.

Interest was so great among the student clubs that the pair had to turn groups away. The end result was a slightly silly, moderately provocative and artistically smart calendar that illustrates what each club is about, albeit sans clothing. The January spread features the taut members of the UVM outing club in the buff.