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The Pruning Of A Weeping Pussy Willow

This is how the Weeping Pussy Willow looked at the end of March We planted it with lots of compost in the moistest part of the garden where the all the water naturally drains off the hill. It had been growing slowly, and with 3 careful prune jobs a year, had developed a beautiful trunk form with a nice shape. Action weeping required! A weeping tree or shrub like this should be thinned out or just taken off the ground a bit — not all the way back to the trunk.

The Pruning Of A Weeping Pussy Willow

The picture above was taken in November of and fortunately some of the new branches had already started to weep by Spring. In May of I whipped out my Felcos and pruning saw.

I went in and took out a lot of that new growth. You must take it all the way back to a main branch or the trunk otherwise all those shoots will appear again. I also removed some of the older main branches to open it up and weeping it back to an interesting form. In the meantime, Cousin Itt had really started to lean because of the strong winds in this area so sluts in valdosta lodge pole stake was pounded in to straighten him back up.

Pussy willow - Wikipedia

I left just a bit puss the new growth shooting upward because we do want it to grow taller. A weeping up puss the inner structure after I pruned it this past Spring. Lots of new shoots puss appear on the trunk.