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Weird penis tricks

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Bet you don't know what "helicoptering" is. Tricks are pretty weird If Einstein could unravel the very fabric of our maturesexfarm com, solving unforetold mysteries in the process, imagine what he could do with his un-hypothetical penis.

Guys Share the Weirdest Things They’ve Ever Done With Their Penis

We spend the first ten-ish years of our lives believing the only role of a penis tricks to pass water through our digestive systems. And upon learning of its ultimate purpose, we spend the rest of our lives seeing what other wonderful tricks it might be hiding. Warm apple pie.

Girls who will eventually break our hearts. We don't get easy-to-use, practical sex toys like you do, OK? You think it's easy to fall into a Wikipedia hole and lose half your day? Try searching for penis terminology on Urban Dictionary.

7 REALLY Weird Things Guys Do With Their Penises (But Don't Talk About)

To be honest, I never saw the advantage of anthropomorphizing my member, to bestow weird and agency upon penis. For my own peace of mind, Penis need to believe I have rule over it. If it actually had a mind of its own, I'd be ruined, considering my penis has a one-track mind. Helicoptering is when you thrust your hips in a hula-hoop-like fashion to make it spin like the blades of