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Woman mastrabating

How to masturbate

I'm not afraid to admit that I already partake in healthy solo seshes pretty frequentlyso when presented with the opportunity to up my masturbation quota, Woman gladly took the mastrabating. Party time, y'all!

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Seven days later, I was singing a different tune. It turns out this was a pretty difficult assignment. Time, anxiety, and life. As a result, just like for many women, orgasms often wind up taking a backseat to my other obligations.

Is masturbation normal?

Woman said, the commitment was totally worth it. During seven days of nonstop-masturbation, I discovered so many unexpected things about my body, and its threshold for pleasure. Now, I totally have a newfound appreciation for masturbation. Even as a sex-journalist and educator who spends a ton of time sexually experimenting, I was impressed with this one-week worldsexass. And I highly encourage all you ladies out there give mastrabating a try for yourself.

Here are a few things I learned about my own pleasure after masturbating every day for a week:. If I'm being honest, the first few days of consistently masturbating was, in a word, annoying.

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But once I passed the three day mark, I suddenly sex scandal xxx myself itching to get to it.